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IT Pharmacy - Curing Technology

Computer in-home support to commercial businesses and networks
Computer in-home support to commercial businesses and networks
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 IT Pharmacy Plans and Prices

Save money on hardware, software, and support services with scheduled regular maintenance of your system. This is your best solution to keep your computer system(s) up to date with the latest Microsoft Operating System patches, Microsoft Office patches, Internet Application patches, etc. resulting in a much less vulnerable system when it comes to Viruses, Spyware, and Malware. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware products are not enough when it comes to keeping your data safe, a completely patched system is one of the best deterrents against attacks.

It will also keep performance and computing speeds at a more consistent level throughout as performance degradation is prevented on a monthly basis, allowing your system to remain efficient longer. The temporary files, that suck so many resources, are cleaned out and your hard drive defragmented resulting in a much faster system.

This will also extend the physical life of your hard drive allowing you to use the system you paid for longer and with more efficiency. The defragmentation process physically re-organizes the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file closer together and contiguously. As a result, your hard drive “works” less, in order to access your files.

The course of action in the package below is designed specifically to perpetuate an efficient computing experience. You will notice a difference.


Monthly Computer Maintenance Package

Price: $40 per computer/server per month.

NOTE: This price is not applicable to the first visit/month. The first visit is billed by the hour due to the unpredictable amount of time it may take to accomplish the tasks below, due to possible system maintenance neglect.

Maintenance Package includes the following:

1. Patches and Updates

  • Windows™ Updates
    • All High Priority patches
    • Applicable Software and Hardware patches and/or updates
  • Microsoft Office™ Updates
  • Java™ Updates
  • Flash™ Updates
  • PDF File Reader Software Updates ie. Reader™, Foxit™, etc.
  • Anti-Virus software solution
    • Virus definition updates, if not automatic
    • Program updates, if not automatic


2. Unnecessary File(s) Cleaners

  • CCleaner™*
  • Faronics™ Temporary File Cleaner*
  • DustBuster™ XP Temporary File Cleaner*
  • Windows™ Disk Clean*


3. Registry Cleaners

  • CCleaner™*
  • Little Registry Cleaner™*


4. Hard Drive Defragmentation

  • JkDefrag™*

* = Or equivalent alternative

Computer Maintenance Package
see below for details

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